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The Accurate Advantage

Whether your project is large or small, our automation and expertise will provide you with a part-focused, customized process with consistent quality and fast turnaround. In addition to state of the art automation we have combined a robust pretreatment system and in-house surface pre-finishing and masking to assure each part reaches its maximum potential.


Part Specific
Process Control




Conversion Coatings


In-House Blasting, Vibratory & Custom Masking

cubic capacity


Cubic Part Window 12x48x36

Accurate Advantage Factors

Accurate Advantage

Part Specific Process Control

We utilize a random hoist that allows us to index parts carrying bars according to custom designed menus. Each part menu is specially designed to guide parts through unique pre-treatment and coating sequences specifically tuned for the substrate, part design and quality requirements.

Robust Pre-Treatment 

The key to a beautiful, durable finish is a rock solid pretreatment cleaning process. Our multistage immersion pre-treatment line assures that parts are properly cleaned and rinsed with substrate specific chemistry selected to achieve the best possible results on magnesium and aluminum substrates.

Eco-Friendly Conversion Coatings

As part of our flexible pre-treatment we offer multiple conversion coatings to match any substrate, further enhancing the final coating’s durability. The choices abound whether you want the strength of a tri-valent chromium conversion coating or the latest in green technology including silane and zirconium conversion coatings.

In-House Blasting and Vibratory

When a project calls for an extra clean surface or fine matte finish we have the machinery to blast and vibratory deburr in our plant. Operating and maintaining our own pre-finishing equipment helps us deliver the highest quality pre-finishing services in the shortest amount of time.

Custom  Masking

From pull plugs and caps to masking dots of all sizes we have the ability to mask tolerance sensitive threads and holes.


Support The Chemistry Of
The Process Line

Salt Spray


Process Cycle

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