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The Next Step in E-Coat

E-Coat is a tried and true finishing solution that meets the tightest tolerances, provides the most consistent coverage and stands up to the toughest conditions.

Our UV-Stable Polyurethane E-Coat excels as a top coat exposed to the sun as well as physical and chemical wear and tear. We use Polyurethane E-coat formulated by LVH Coatings of the UK and distributed through ClearClad Coatings of Harvey, Illinois.

Custom Colors

For projects of a high enough volume and production duration we have the ability to offer customers uniquely formulated e-coat to meet specific application requirements including custom colors or abrasion characteristics. Specialty coatings require an initial build-out charge but these costs may be amortized for higher volume projects making a custom coating selection much more affordable. Please contact us for more information to discuss the feasibility of specialty coatings for your project.

Polyurethane E-Coat

PRB_8943 copy

Not your traditional Epoxy or Acrylic E-Coat. Polyurethane is the best of both worlds with the durability of an epoxy and colorfastness of an acrylic.

      • UV Stable – Stands up to sun as an excellent exterior finish that won’t bleach
      • Environmentally Friendly – No heavy metals and low VOC content solvents
      • Controlled thickness – Thickness controlled between 5-30 microns, +2 Micron, to meet tightest tolerances and eliminates need for masking
      • Chemical Resistant – Crosslinked polyurethane for excellent chemical resistance


UV Stable




Controlled  Thickness


Chemical Resistant

Matte Black E-Coat

Unique Matte Black Ecoat
  • Exclusive Matte Finish 2-5% Gloss
  • Excellent QUV Performance
  • Controlled Thickness 5-30 Microns
  • Nano-Ceramic Additives For 4H-5H Hardness


Gloss Black E-Coat

Unique Gloss Black Ecoat
  • High Gloss Finish 60-80% Gloss
  • Excellent QUV Performance
  • Controlled Thickness 5-30 Microns
  • 4H-5H Hardness


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